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20-foot container office

20-foot container office

prefabricated container office building

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    T/T, L/C
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    Hebei, China
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    About 30 days
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    1500-2200 usd/set
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Prefabricated container office building

product description
20ft container house: 5.9x2.25x2.8m & 6x3x2.8m
40ft container house: 11.8x2.25x3m

container product features
light weight, flexible splicing up and down, left and right, arbitrary layout
it is convenient to transport, install and move, and the cost is low, the service life is more than ten years, the return on investment is high, and the scope of use is relatively wide.

1)Main Steel: Q345, Q235, Q345B, Q235B etc.
2) column & Beam: welded or hot rolled H-section
3) connection method of steel structure: welding connection or bolt connection
4) wall & Roof: EPS, Rockwool, pu sandwich, corrugated steel sheet
5) Door: rolled up door or sliding door
6) Window: plastic steel or aluminum alloy window
7) Surface: hot dip galvanized or painted

Prefabricated container office building

container house installation
1.The container houseis quick to install and easy to operate.
2.We will provide you with installation drawings and videos, and you will be able to complete the installation
soon after following the instructions.
3.If necessary, we can also send our professional engineers to the site to guide the installation.

Prefabricated 3-story container dormitory

more container houses display:
The container house can be spliced up, down, left and right arbitrarily into different styles.
You only need to tell us your specific needs, and we have professional designers who can design solutions for you for free according to your requirements.

One-story, two-story, etc., as long as you need, we can design all of them for you.

Prefabricated 3-story container dormitory

container products have a wide range of uses
container houses are widely used in offices, residences, classrooms, hotels, shops, dormitories, etc.

Prefabricated container office building

company profile
hebei Baofeng steel structure Co., located in Cangzhou City, hebei Province, 150 kilometers away from tianjin Port, convenient for transportation.
The company is a professional steel structure manufacturer with 20 years of production experience; it has scientific and advanced technical support and a number of perfect standardized production lines; professional and experienced designers, we will provide you free of charge according to your requirements. create a unique steel structure design.

If you need it, please answer the following questions so that we can serve you in time:
1>What is the purpose of the house? office or residence? or other uses?
2>What is the size of your ideal house?
3>If the house is for living, what type of house do you want? For example: How many bedrooms?
4>Where is your project site?

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